Big release day.
Half a year passed since my last releases, so here's a big update on various packs. The remix pack has been removed and the contents spread out - the NET tram will be soon available on AMITrains, the yellow GTW can also be found on AMITrains in the GTW Community Pack and the retro 420.95 found it's place in the TEZ pack as a company-coloured version.

The updated packs are Diesel GTWs, European Planes, Prague Metro and the Tatra Electric Railways pack, that underwent the most changes and includes a scenario as of now. With Plastikman's help, I also created a database of all my Locomotion vehicles, so have a look for stats and pack info.

A yank and three pot smokers. ;)
Coming soon in the Diesel GTW 1.5 pack. Also coming is an updated Prague Metro package with a new M1 sound and some fixes.

Welcome to Locomods.EU!
After months of hard work, Hodkowicz, Atrey and me have finally finished our joint website, Locomods.EU. As you might have noticed, we've taken down our personal Locomotion websites and will only be releasing new sets on this shiny new webspace. The menu on the left side will guide you to all our Locomotion mods, plus there's a nice gallery with work-in-progress pics, a FAQ section that we encourage you to read before contacting us with questions and a downloads area for miscellanous stuff. As most of our sets require or recommend the fine Enhanced Airport Pack and Earthslopes by Steve, these can be conveniently obtained here after the closure of Steve's Locomotiondepot.

Apart from that, you can look forward to more activity from us in the coming months, be it updates to Hodkowicz's CSD packs or my Tatra Railways. Atrey supplied us already with a number of great scenarios that complement our mod packs, these will be coming soon too. And if you feel our work is worth it, please feel free to donate. We take this as a hobby, but even the webspace costs something out of our pockets and we hope you'll appreciate the effort we put in by giving us a small donation. Thank you.